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October 20, 2021

America is not, and never was a real Superpower. It was sucked into the Second World War by the KGB but made a vast fortune out of it by picking the pockets of Britain and Russia, which did almost all the real fighting. It managed to defeat Japan only by dropping Atom bombs, which the British had largely taught it how to build. It’s Marshall Aid to Europe was miniscule and, although it did get to the Moon first, it was put up there largely by von Braun and his Germans. And it certainly didn’t win the Cold War as so many have claimed. The Soviet Union (another faux Superpower) broke up for other, more interesting reasons which had nothing whatsoever to do with the USA.

Why does it matter? It matters because the world cannot , and must not rely on the US to do more than it is capable of — for instance lead us away from Global warming, or defend us against threatening dictators like Chi and Pu. All the US is capable of is dropping bombs– a singularly ineffectual, but dangerous method of waging war (viz. Vietnam and Afghanistan).

For my detailed case here either go to my book “HISTORY OF THE BRITS (from a scientist’s point of view)” under category ‘My Books’ elsewhere on this site or go to the url:

Incidentally this was written weeks before the recent humiliating pull out of Kabul. Hollywood was never much good at fighting, not off the screen, where of course it was deadly. Just think what would have happened if John Wayne had gone out to Afghanistan.


January 27, 2021

This post is so entitled because it stands for ‘HISTORY OF THE BRITS , ADDITIONS’ where ‘History of the Brits’ refers to my book of the same name published in 2020 (for details see under ‘My Books’ Category elsewhere on this site). Here you will find additions, corrections, images, calculations, supporting data, more detailed arguments and readers comments to what is intended to become what I call a ‘LIVING BOOK’. And this is also where YOU ARE INVITED TO LEAVE YOUR OWN COMMENTS ABOUT THE BOOK, AND ITS ADDITIONS. See below at the bottom of the post to do so. All the additions are shown below under a Chapter Number to which they belong.


I claim in this chapter that Britain has an ideal climate in which to live. That will surprise many people who think of us as living on a wet miserable island. But there’s far far more to climate than sunning oneself on a beach for a fortnight each summer. My argument stems from a study of the subject of Thermodynamics, as it applies to human life. There’s no room to put it in the book but you can follow my account of a fascinating but neglected subject by clicking on the url below.


under ‘Tragedies of Modern Capitalism’, I argue that massive OIL TANKERS are totally unsafe, actually Disasters Designed to Happen. To find why this is so click on:

Also we discuss ‘THE FOLLY OF FREE TRADE’ and there is a Post with that title elsewhere here in the ‘Economics’ Category . Or you can click directly on a long and detailed discussion here:

And if you want to see how LEVERAGING works, why it is so bloody dangerous and what the baboons are doing in the reactor, you can click on:


To see how Numeracy can be much better taught the Common Sense Way, rather than the current unnatural, and to some repulsive way, look at a simple example in which the two are compared at:


If you want to see how I arrive at my conclusion that the present immigration rate is so large that it is equivalent to 3 British mothers out of 4 raising an extra child click on:


Britain must never feel itself weak beside the two so-called Superpowers Russia and America, which are in fact paper tigers bloated on their own propaganda, and quite unfitted and unable to lead a world, because of its environmental state, now desperately in need of leadership . To see the argument click on:


October 31, 2020

We were all suckered in by the myth that America joined Britain in WWII to ‘Save Western Democracy’. Instead it appears that America was suckered into Pearl Harbour by the KGB — which wanted to release Russia’s Manchurian army to save Moscow from the Nazis — which it did.

What America really wanted to do was make vast amounts of money out of that world war, as it had out of the first, by picking both Britain’s and Russia’s pockets. Which it did. How else did America emerge so humungously rich from that war, and Britain so raggedly poor? Britain was still paying off its war debts to the US (for the First WW!) as late as 2015 whilst America’s total Marshall Aid Plan to Britain, so much trumpeted, amounted to barely one per cent of Britain’s losses. And at Bretton Woods in 1944 America forced Britain to give up Imperial Preferences, the basis of its economic success in the 1930s. It’s no accident that the almighty dollar has ruled the financial world ever since.

Then America shamelessly picked Britain’s brains to become, what it certainly was not before — an industrial superpower. Amongst many other gems, it got its hands on: the Cavity Magnetron, the Atomic Bomb, Anti-biotics, the jet engine, solid-state amplifiers (which led to the transistor), Electronic computing, Operational Research, sophisticated Code-breaking, the Proximity fuse, Asymmetric gears…… All Britain asked in return. was the Nordern bombsight — which Roosevelt personally refused to them for what he said were “political reasons”.

In 1946 the US passed The McMahon Act, depriving Britain of access to the atomic bomb — which Britain had largely taught the Americans how to build. It was a foul act of treachery, though we couldn’t say so at the time, which left Western Europe at the mercy of Stalin’s vast tank army poised on the plains of Germany, and of America’s goodwill. So poor Britain had to hastily cobble together a deterrent of its own.

When I was researching The Battle of the Atlantic for my forthcoming book about that titanic encounter (“Strangle“) I became more and more puzzled by the US Navy’s enigmatic role in it. One could even ask whose side they were on. Roosevelt’s stooge, and head of the USN, the incompetent Admiral Ernest J King, made no bones about hating the British, and without reason or warning pulled his forces out of the North Atlantic just as the crux of the battle was approaching. There is still much to ponder on here.

So Britain won the war, but America won the peace.

Of course America was perfectly entitled to an anti-British foreign policy, and to extract vast sums out of Britain if it could and which it did. After all there were large numbers of Irish, German and Italian Americans who had no good reason to want a British victory. Before Cburchill got rid of him, Joe Kennedy, the US ambassador to London, and JFK’s father, did all he could to get Britain to yield to Hitler. But it seems to me that the Brits need to wake up, forget all that hogwash which emanates from Hollywood, and stop talking nonsense about a “Special Relationship”. That was a piece of pure Churchillian rodomontade.

I have to admit that all this rather shocked me when I looked into it, because personally I owe America a lot and have some very good friends over there. And I would be the first to admit that it is controversial. But almost all my sources here are American. You can find references to them in a chapter entitled ‘The Baleful Shadow of America’ from my book History of the Brits, which is here:

Yes there’s much to chew over here. Let’s chew.